Joe Rogan - Harmful Information Dissemination?

Joe Rogan - Harmful Information Dissemination?


What is Spotify prepared to do regarding this type of communication from Podcast Host Joe Rogan?


- "The backlash over Rogan’s false claim has heaped more pressure on Spotify, which recently signed the massively popular podcaster to a deal reportedly worth up to $100 million. Spotify also met with employees this week angry that the service is streaming Rogan episodes that critics have called transphobic, Vice reported."

- "The misinformation has led to real problems. When a meme went viral claiming that the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office had arrested “six antifa members” last week, the sheriff’s office was flooded with calls that tied up officers and operators. Unfounded fears of extremist fire-starters and false reports of looting have also led vigilantes to set up illegal roadblocks and hold a photojournalist at gunpoint."


So. . . Community:  Given the state of affairs in the United States, is this where Spotify "is going"?  Even accounting for 1st Amendment rights and artistic freedom, is there where ideas on Spotify are trending?  If so, okay, that's good for some segment of "The Community" - but for me, it might be time to walk away from the membership (and cease my financial contribution to this Company's bottom-line ) in this environment.

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Is it possible for you to believe Rogan is not the worst evil you should consume yourself with fighting and allow shows with alternative views to exist without demand of censorship?

All censorship is bad. Even well intentioned censorship. Why? Because assume for one second that the censorship you want is turned on your position. Would you be supportive of a private corporation deleting your voice from this conversation? That is what we all risk when we pretend Spotify should ban alternative opinions that you disagree with.

I can't imagine living in this pretend utopia where everyone who speaks is part of a majority thought experiment. Oh wait, it's occurring now and big tech is all in on it. And the masses appeal to their single-mindedness.

You are a lunatic !


Go back to worshipping ex-President Cheetos. 

Absolutely! I'm sick and tired of seeing ads for his podcasts on my home page. WHY can we NOT disable those notifications? it's sickening how his racist/sexist/misinformation gets constantly advertised/monetized...YET spotify pays Actual Artists next to NOTHING!

Spotify constantly places his podcast at the top of the "suggested for you" section of the webplayer for me, which I think is absolutely vile, especially when I click his podcast to see that, as usual, he's interviewing people who downplay an ongoing pandemic and spread other dangerous misinformation. His podcast has basically become an alt-right recruiting ground, because as much as he pats himself on the back for being "open to all views," he pretty consistently invites and celebrates right wing commentators while vilifying people who (heaven forbid) have progressive political views and oppose racism. 

I think the problem with this kind of slippery slope argument is that it implies that all opinions are equally worth of merit, but, as it turns out, there's such a thing as facts, and when Rogan actively celebrates and spreads lies (such as claims that covid isn't a big deal, or anti-vax talking points), he creates real world dangers.


It's entirely reasonable for a major corporation to not celebrate a right wing figurehead who regularly spreads public health misinformation, and hyperbole about how it's "orwellian" is not particularly convincing


Like most anything on Spotify, you aren't forced to listen to him. Just don't listen to him. What makes Spotify great is that it is a platform for free speech (so long as its not inherently dangerous). 

Do you see the problem here with implying that there are "two sides" about a "debate" about a vaccine that's been shown to be safe and effective by the entire scientific and medical community?


The entire purpose of science is to uncover truth through empirical testing, collecting of data, and objective, impartial experiments. Science has shown, over and over again, that the vaccine is safe and effective. So, on one side of this "debate," you have the entire scientific and medical community, and on the other side of this "debate," you have conservative radio hosts (several of whom have dropped dead of delta covid), drunk people on facebook, and other people who are not informed about science or medicine, but simply talk loudly about the issue.


Implying that "both sides" deserve equal time in the spotlight is dangerous. This isn't just a matter of "differing opinions," because, as it turns out, facts are real, truth is real, and science is real, and science, in this case, has spoken. Glorifying and giving a microphone to people who spread misinformation is not "enhancing debate," it's spreading lies to an already gullible and easily misled population.


Lets not forget, if you don't like it, you don't have to listen to it.  I find Howard Stern rude, hateful, and inhuman.  So should we start doing something about him because I'm offended?



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Even if it is lies and misinformation it is still free speech.

When is Spotify going to create a policy around misinformation spreading on its platform?


I also want Spotify to remove Joe Rogan.  Between some blatantly bigoted comments and the fact that he's spewing misinformation about vaccines, his words aren't just rude or offensive, but outright dangerous.  Hate speech should not be welcome on this platform, nor should misinformation that could cost someone their health or life.  I'm about ready to move over to Pandora.


I like Joe's show, I look at it in the same light as the Jerry Springer show.   I don't want my music provider being the source of vaccine misinformation.


100% agree that supporting, prompting, advertising and hosting someone like Joe Rogan who supports showing vaccine misinformation it's a reprehensible way to make a profit. My longstanding family subscription will be closed by the end of the week if Spotify insists on paying $$ over public safety. 


To those commenting this is somehow related to being offended or having feelings hurt, the backlash has nothing to do with that. I don't listen to Joe Rogan and never will and therefore take no offense. I HAVE lost a father, a step-father and a very dear family friend to COVID and dread losing a mother and any of the other other vulnerable people that are at continued risk........risk

 that is increased/extended by people not getting vaccinated. Quite simply, I'm not going to pay an organization that actively promotes and supports someone that is trying to profit by putting people I love in increased danger. End of story. End of subscription. 


If you want to test "freedom of speech" on Spotify, try starting an Islamic extremist podcast channel, where you praise (and encourage) terrorist attacks against civilian targets in the USA, Europe and Israel.


See how long that lasts before it gets shut down.

Just recently Covid-19 killed more people, in a single day than the 9/11 attacks, so why would anyone object to "freedom".


Wrongly posted.


I agree and need an answer from Spotify soon or I'm quitting my membership. His misinformation is widely available for all those who like him to find it somewhere else but hopefully not on this platform

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