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Kiko Loureiro - Sounds of Innocence playback error.

Kiko Loureiro - Sounds of Innocence playback error.



I just found a Kiko's album (the only album on Spotify) is having difficaulties with playing serveral tracks.

I use Spotify on PC desktop and Track 5 and Track 6 is not playable.

Seems not reading the stream from servers.

Hope to see this issue be solved. 🙂


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Just a few questions, what is your listening region, is this issue happening on another device, and also are any tracks from this release greyed out for you?


I queued up track 5 it is currently playing, and I will let you know if track 6 does anything strange here in playback. I will also do a look up on those two tracks and see if there are region restrictions on them, ohh by the way good guitar work by this guy on this release.

Update both track 5 and 6 play fine for me. Also that full album by Kiko Loureiro is available in these listening locations: <availability><territories>CA MX US</territories></availability>


Track 5 and 6 both are also available to these regions no missing regions between CA, MX, and US for these two tracks.


You might try using the webplayer for this release to see if the same issue occurs for you, just as a test?

Hi JayLB,

My region is in Taiwan with a Premium account, and I took some time to look
into this issue.

These two tracks are not playable on my office's desktop, while I use
Spotify PC application.
They're not greyed out, but the music stream is not downloaded and played.

I just tried them again with my personal desktop(@home) with Spotify Web
Player, they suddenly works!
And I found the Spotify App on my Android phone is ok with playing and
downloading these two tracks.
Very interesting situation. I hope these findings is able to point out the
problems underneath.

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hum glad they are working now. Do you by the way have a link of that release, different listening markets usually have different releases, even more so with the Asian music markets? Just curious, users are somewhat stuck with doing lookups based on their listening region, others have to dig through and use the Spotify API to find all relevant releases of an artists content to all the different listening regions. I would be curious to see the differences between both releases is all.

Hi JayLB,


Thanks for following my question!


Here it is, the album link.


And I also have the song link: (Track 5) (Track 6)


I'm in my office right now and tried again, they still can't play from the desktop application.

The stream will stop right there in the beginning and no skipping to the next one.

Other songs are just fine.


Also, I found the Web Player is totally not working in this network environment, must be blocked by IT policy.

(No songs can be played, they just keep skipping to next songs.)

So I'm not able to compare the situation in the same environment.






There are two different linked releases of the same content, which I was able to find through the bubble that says MORE RELEASE options, and also the link you provided to compare. Might try both versions and whichever version of the release works for you, then save that releasse, the one that plays correct into a playlist you have created so it is always handy.

Thanks for the link, in my region I cannot see this one in MORE RELEASE column.

The weird thing is, the album is certainly not the same one (in the database record),

and I've checked the track links, they are not the same, either.


But they just cannot play. 😛


So I assumed that the two albums contents are somehow the same copy in the data storage for music tracks.

But the database record gives the different data as factors for the URL path generators.

As a result, my Spotify application cannot download the streams of these two tracks when I ask for it.

And honestly I wasn't able to rule out the (network) environmental factors on this issue.

So I guess I'll just let it be since it will take a lot of time to troubleshoot (for Spotify). 😛


Thanks anyway, man.

I had a great experience on this community.





Is this issue solved ? I can't listen to this album in Turkey as a premium user..

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