MF DOOM – Rapp Snitch Knishes has noticeable high-pitched hissing

MF DOOM – Rapp Snitch Knishes has noticeable high-pitched hissing





United Kingdom


Lenovo Thinkpad T14s

AudioQuest Dragonfly Black

Grado sr325e

Operating System

Windows 10



Throughout the song Rapp Snitch Knishes by MF DOOM, there is a very strong high-pitched noise, it is strongest at 0:19 where it comes in quite harshly and fades away slightly by 0:23. Listening on my Grado headphones which are very strong on the higher pitched notes, it's very noticeable


Song in Question (it's a banger but note it's explicit!!)


What I Have Tried

Tried listening on various devices - iPad, Android phone (Pixel 3a), Web Player

Tried listening on different headphones - Grado, Bose

Tried with and without my AudioQuest DAC


The hissing persists in all cases - so I think it's someting Spotify-side


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Hey @kjk11001011


Welcome to the Community and thanks for getting in touch about this. 


The best way to report playback issues with a specific album or track is to follow the instructions outlined in this support article


Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know if you need help with anything else.

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