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All songs should have a clean version

All songs should have a clean version

Dear Spotify Staff,

Have you ever been jamming out to some rap music then they all of a sudden the rapper starts cussing, well you'd be in the same awkward situation tons of people have experienced. When listening to music out loud it is very inconvenient for the artist to cuss because it just creates a overall bad vibe and makes you want to turn off the song.                      This is why all songs need to have a clean version so we (The people) can not be embarrassed to listen to songs that are explicit in front of our friends.

Seriously how many times have you been chiling & vibing with friends and the artist drops the f bomb or something it's very uncomfortable situation , please add a clean version to all songs.


2 Replies

Hey @basicguner


Having clean versions of all the explicit material depends on the labels and artists making their music available on Spotify. It would be outrageous if Spotify started to alter their music, even if it's just beeping out the profanities. 🙂

Sometimes there are two versions of an album or song made available by the artist/label where one is the clean version.


However, there's an idea for 'explicit button' that's supposed to let only clean songs play. You can support the idea here.

Should the whole album be a clean version or just singles?

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