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An album from a particular artist has recently been removed.

Artist: Marduk

Album: Panzer Division


The album was present sometime between now and the past fortnight. 


Can someone please confirm whether or not the album will be reinstated? If not, I'll be cancelling my subscription.

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"We need to fight the far right"
let's remove art from our platform (censorship)
spotify doesn't know that liking art and following extreme political ideas/movements are different things.
And they expect someone to change their opinion because they took 1 album off the platform?

Hey @Pička, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

I understand your concern. Spotify wants all the world’s music and podcasts available, but availability can vary over time and between countries, depending on the permissions from rights holders.

More info about this can be found here.

Hope this helps!

Billy-JSpotify Star
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Hi @Billy-J,


I think this one is a little different to what you've described.


Dare I exhibit any wrongthink, but I believe the motivation behind the disappearance of this album was due to the personal beliefs of book burning political extremists at Spotify who are void of any critical thought.


With no explanation to its sudden disappearance, one can only assume this action is an escalation of some album art being removed from the artist in question.


Kind Regards,

I will also be canceling my subscription if this album is not added back. This has nothing to do with copyrights/ availability. Spotify clearly targeted this specific album of theirs. Stop buckling to the demands of your worthless employees and or losers complaining that art offends them. I find it beyond hypocritical that you allow bands to have the utmost of blasphemous art and lyrics but this particular album is offensive? All death metal and black metal is offensive so you might as well take it all down.

I'm still trying to pretend to believe this is not a censorship case, because it would be so embarassing.

But I had the album in my library, one day the cover went blank and the only available song was "Blooddawn".

Luckily, all the other songs are still available on youtube music. 

If the reason for removal is political, that's absolutely unacceptable. Please make it available again.

Frontschwein cover also disappeared...

This is just pure**bleep**, someone at spotify office got triggered.

Since there has been no rectification or even an official response, I have cancelled my subscription for Spotify Family.

This is disgraceful, cancelling art. 

Tidal is a much better alternative to Spotify as there appears to be no censorship, and has high fidelity audio for the same monthly cost as Spotify.


I recommend the switch for anyone who would like to not have their listening habits controlled by employees who like to force their short-sighted views onto paying customers.

I has also been removed from Spotify in Switzerland, im quite disapointed of Spotify since many of the Albums i frequently listen to have been removed over the past years, i have been using the service for 6 years now, and im starting to regret to have supported Spotify for so long.

The days are getting shorter and I too am thirsty for some crushing high speed black metal. Was this really removed for some weird political reasons? It’s black metal, it’s music from weirdos for weirdos, it is basically LGBTQ+. I guess it is back to Apple Music for me. Meh.

Is it confirmed that this was removed for obscure political reasons? Come on, black metal is music from weirdos for weirdos, it’s pretty much lgbtq+…I guess it is back to Apple Music for lovers of highspeed elite black metal sponsored by **bleep** 🥺

I really hope they didn't do it for political reasons. I hope it'll be back on Spotify sometime. If it is, it makes it hard for me to keep using Spotify. But from time to time I like to listen to podcasts, some of which are exclusive on the platform. This makes it hard for me to stop using Spotify.

Reign of Light by Samael also has been removed... 3 times here. Uploaded by 2x By Nuclear Blast, and 1x by Regain Records.

Common thing with Panzer Division? On Apple Music (both CDs available there) copyright for each album belongs to Regain Records.

Rest of Samael's CDs are uploaded by Napalm Records, Century Media Records or directly by Samael.

Similar situation is with Marduk.
So, I think, the problem is with Regain Records that somehow does not like Spotify and blocks other labels to upload certain albums.

This **bleep** and censorship. This release needs to be reinstated immediately. \m/

just bring panzer division back.

where is panzer division? come on!

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