Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade


Hey Guys,


I am posting here because I just remembered that band when I read a post on facebook, stating that it's been 10 years since their first singles got released. The music is really amazing, and I am happy to have found it again, and now I can listen to all the new stuff they had throughout the years that I didn't really listen to them anymore.


But while it is an awesome band, I particularly enjoyed one song, the one that led me to the band in the first place. The song's title is "Three Cheers for five Years". However I am unable to find that song in the Album where it should have been. The song as Spotify shows is only available in the Acoustic Version in "Punk Goes Acoustic 2" (I am wondering where the first edition of Punk Goes Acoustic is, anyway). Could anyone help me to find that song on Spotify? Or explain to me why it doesn't seem to be there?


Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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Is this the song that you were referring too?


It appears that the name of the album is Punk Goes Acoustic 2 (which can be found here) which is a compilation album.


I hope this helps!


Well that is the Acoustic Version I was referring to. But sadly it is not the original one which I would like to find, or rather to know the reason why it's not on Spotify.

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