Missing Music?

Missing Music?


In response to the numerous missing music posts, I've paraphrased this from Spotify's music FAQs.


Spotify wants all the world’s music to be available in all countries. However, some artists and tracks are not currently available. Sometimes agreements can’t be reached with the artist or label or a change may happen in music ownership. 

Thousands of albums and artists are being added to Spotify every day. If you can’t find an artist you’re looking for, they may appear (or reappear) soon.

In the meantime, feel free to contact the artist or their label to ask when they plan to be on Spotify.


You can also open this form and provide Spotify with feedback. 
When doing so, do please keep in mind that this is an internal list they will use at regular intervals, to see how much interest there is for any given band. Submitting a name does not mean they will magically be showing up soon.

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I miss more Instalok songs there are only 3 up. 



Why isnt Acip Rap by Chanse The Rapper out? best rap album of this century.

Joe have it all wrong. Read the first post in this thread and you will know as much as I do 🙂


Hi !



I noticed some missing metal bands :



--> Belenos : celtic black metal. France. Label : Northern Silence Productions

--> Bran Barr : folk metal. France. Any label

--> Aes Dana : folk black metal. France. Label : Oaken Shield

--> Heol Telwen : celtic folk metal. France. Label : Burning Star Records

--> Celtachor : celtic folk/black metal. Ireland. Label : Trollzorn Records

--> Mgła : black metal. Poland. Label : Northern Heritage Records

--> Peste Noire : black metal. France. Label : La Mesnie Herlequin


--> Cruel Force : black/thrash. Germany. Label : Heavy Forces Records

--> Condor : black/thrash. Norway. Label : Demonhood Productions

--> DeathHammer : black/thrash. Norway. Label : Hells Headbangers Records

--> Ketzer : black/thrash. Germany. Label : Iron Bonehead Productions


--> Acid Bath : sludge/doom metal. USA. Label : Rotten Records

--> 16 : sludge metal. USA. Label : Relapse Records


--> Clutch : all of the recent albums (the best ones ah ah)


--> Carcariass : death metal. France. Label : Great Dane Records

--> Crusher : death metal. France. Label : Noise Records


That's all (for the moment !)




"At night the moon became
A woman’s face
I met the Spirit of Music"

-Jim Morrison-


please spotify put back jason derulo tatoos! 😞 gone from uk !


Sonata Arctica's new album "Pariah's Child", where? And when can i stream it?


I've been listening to Pariah's Child from Sonata Arctica and it's missing! 


I would love if Spotify could add "Aram MP3 - Not Alone". 
It's a really good Eurovision song!


Underworld  Dubnobasswithmyheadman and other albums have just gone - where are they, will they be returning?





Please add to Finland single release of DJ THT - Open Up The Dancefloor (Remixes) where remixes like DJ Gollum.


Record label Tough Stuff! Music said it's sended to you, but you don't add?


Yo !



--> Nocturnal Graves : black/thrash. Australia. Hells Headbangers Records

--> Vomitor : black/thrash/death. Australia. Hells Headbangers Records


--> Gospel of the Horns : the last EP, "Ceremonial Conjuration" isn't disponible

--> Razor of Occam : the first EP and the second one, "Diabologue" and "Pillars of Creation"

"At night the moon became
A woman’s face
I met the Spirit of Music"

-Jim Morrison-


all of my saved music has been deleted when i upgrade spotify what should I do?????



Hey @Astriela Could you get in touch with us via our contact form here. Let us know the case number and we'll get things tracked up for you.


Hey, I'm back !



--> Cerebral Fix : crossover/thrash. UK. Several albums missing. Label : Metal Mind Productions

--> Cro-Mags : crossover/thrash. USA. Several albums missing. Label : Century Media

--> Dirty Rotten Imbeciles : crossover/thrash. USA. Many albums missing. Label : F.O.A.D. Records

--> Leeway : crossover/thrash. USA. Only one track. Label : / (independent)

--> M.O.D. (aka. Method of Destruction) : crossover/thrash. USA. Several albums missing. Label : Index Entertainment

--> Nuclear Assault : crossover/thrash. USA. Several albums missing. Label : Sidipus Records

--> S.O.D (aka. Stormtroopers of Death) : crossover/thrash. USA. Few albums missing. Label : Nuclear Blast

--> Suicidal Tendencies : crossover/thrash. USA. "Suicidal for Life" missing. Label : Suicidal Records

"At night the moon became
A woman’s face
I met the Spirit of Music"

-Jim Morrison-


Sonata Arctica---the days of grays-- The song IN THE DARK is missing, why? 


deadmau5 - Random Album Title (in NZ) 😞


Feeder albums missing Generation Freakshow and Renegades missing from spotify please add these again

All of Underworld albums have gone, they used to have several albums. One of my playlists suddenly became useless. 😞


Would love to see Tool on Spotify plus the missing albums from Placebo. Can imagine that Tool is a band that doesn't give permission for their music online, but the last album of Placebo is there so I would say the rest can be added as well.


One other album I would love to see on Spotify is the soundtrack of 'Requiem for a dream' by Clint Mansell & Cronos quartet.

gman2k04 is stopping streaming so I was looking to subscribe to Spotify premium but when I went through the process to convert my library to a spotify playlist I found that 21% of the music I have listened to on is NOT on Spotify!!!! (unfortunately the proces to do this doesn't even tell me what music is NOT on Spotify)


I have 5770 inique songs in my library and Spotify has only 4507 of them.


Spotify should work with to get their compleet library in Spotify since I am sure I am/won't be the only one with this issue once stops streaming to devices.




Please look into getting the music form



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