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Misspelled Artist Names Create Multiple Artists from One

Misspelled Artist Names Create Multiple Artists from One

What to do if Spotify has misspelled an artist's name and created two artist of one. I have seen many exemples. The Last one is Garnett Silk (right) and Garnet Silk (wrong, it shall be 2 tt). The result is that Spotify has one list with Garnett and another song list with Garnet. The songs are 80% the same and 20% unique for Garnett or Garnet.


There are more such misspellings, in some cases one artist or band can become three or four.


More common is that many songs are created because of misspellings of a song title.


Spotify should be more professional than this. Or is it only a big computer running and making the artist presentations and album and song lists?


Where can I inform Spotify about such errors?


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