More Prince Purging


More Prince Purging


You'd think that Prince's "people" would have more pressing matters to attend to these days than purging more material from Spotify, but that appears not to be the case.  There seem to have been some targeted strikes lately at material where he is not the listed artist, but was the writer or otherwise collaborated on the songs.  Chaka Khan's major hit "I Feel for You" had already been purged from its album, but the remix was still available.  It's gone now.  Sheila E.'s biggest hit, "The Glamorous Life," was available in both the extended and dance mix versions until quite recently, but they're gone now, as is "A Love Bizarre."  I didn't realize Prince was heavily involved with "The Glamorous Life."  It's really lame when the albums are there but the songs people care about from those albums are greyed out.


I think a lot of people thought that if something positive were to come out of Prince's death, it would be greater access to his catalog, and even (heaven forbid) its reappearance on Spotify.  It looks like things have gone in the opposite direction and anything he had anything to do with is being wiped.  The Bangles' hit "Manic Monday" is still there, but I probably shouldn't have mentioned that and drawn attention to it, or it might be given a precision strike before too long.

It's time for Daniel Ek and his minions to do something to negotiate with Prince's heirs and fix this sorry situation.  The man is dead and has no progeny, so it's hard to see how his precious artistic control matters too much to anyone at this point.  The really sad thing is that had Tay-Tay not done what she did in 2014, it's unlikely that Prince would have decided to do it on his own in 2015.  darn Tay-Tay.  I blame her for the entire balkanization of the streaming industry and its attendant harm to consumers.  I feel that she should be boycotted, but now I'm getting tangential...