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Music I can't find on Spotify..

Music I can't find on Spotify..

Very good selection on Spotify, but some omissions.... The album "Powerglide" by The New Riders of the Purple Sage for one. And I would love to find the song "That Happy Feeling" by Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra. The Bert Kaempfert version is just no good. And Spotify please be sure that we can find original versions primarily. Not re-mixed, re-recorded, or by the group from 35 years later. I can live with re-mastered originals. Thanks. Hope you're listening Spotify.
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Hi @Markisannoyed, and welcome to the Community!


Spotify has uploaded everything they have the rights to; meaning, if an artist has given permission to put their music on Spotify, it's already there.  What's awesome about Spotify is that new music is coming online every week, which you can check out on your New Releases page.  But a lot of people, including you and me, want more of our favorite music available.  The best thing to do is to contact the artist or their recording label, and ask them about why their music is unavailable.  Basically, if it's not on Spotify, it's because the artist or label have not agreed to put it on Spotify.  You can also fill out this form to let Spotify know about music you wish was available.  That won't guarantee that the music will be added, but it helps Spotify monitor interest in artists and could facillitate the process of adding music you want.  


With regards to the Powerglide album you mentioned, it looks like that's already available!  Woohoo!  I'll attach the album link, enjoy!


I hope that helps, and feel free to let me know if there's anything else I can do!



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I can't find these songs on spotify:

Just for tonoght - Gilbert Montagne

Dif if all for love - Phenomena II

Song for you - John Miles

They're awesome



Gildasio - spotify: gcaj 72

Just for tonight

is Just for tonight and not tonoght

Thank you. I am just seeing your reply now. I will check it out. I have just had my heart broken to discover that some or all Belle and Sebastian albums are unavailable. This is very sad. 

PS, just checked, and the only way I could even see the Powerglide album is through your link, and none of it is playable. What gives?


Spotify has a library of around 30,000,000 songs. But not all of the songs in the world. It might be that this particular songs are not in the app.

Hope i helped you.



I'm also looking for: "Just for Tonight - Gilbert Montagné"


Can you make it available, please.

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