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Hello, I've been a Spotify premium user for several years. My native language is English, I listen mostly to rock, metal and some other genres like indie, classical among others. I am currently living in Guatemala which obviously is a country where Spanish is spoken in most parts but there is something I don't get and don't like at all, it seems like streaming services like NF, AP and some others including this recommend content based on the country. As I mentioned, I mostly listen to rock and keep getting recommendations to reggeaton and banda which are two music genres I really despise. When will streaming platforms understand that living in a certain area doesn't mean either we speak the language or we "love" the music others hear? It'd be awesome to be able to disable or at least hide music we don't like and stop from popping up every single day.



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There is a feature capable of blocking unwanted artists on the platform. The action prevents your music from playing in playlists, libraries, podcasts or radio stations on the service. The function is called "Do not play this artist" and it works for both online music streaming and offline playback. Users gain greater autonomy over the songs they will listen to through the platform.


With the feature enabled, the app skips artist tracks and skips their songs in playlists. It is also not possible to play songs directly on the artist page – the user can view the list of songs and albums, but there is no activity when playing. Note that you can undo the action whenever you want.


Step 1. Go to an artist's Spotify page and tap the three option dots in the upper right corner. Then select the option "Do not play this artist". Ready, the respective singer or singer will have their songs blocked.




How to unlock an artist

Step 1. To unlock the artist, just do the same procedure. The user must tap on the three dots and now select the "Remove" option to enable the artist's songs again.




That way, over time the recommendations of artists who sing in styles you don't like will cease, so the algorithm will understand that those styles don't suit you. Well, that's it. I hope this saying helps you. A big hug and a week full of rock and roll. 🤘

Thank you for this solution! I have the same issue which is a real pain TBH. This response has been the first that gives me some chance to remove unwanted/unwelcome recommendations, however this solution is by going all the way to the artist. 

To the spotify crew:
Could you offer a simpler solution? It would be a 100% better user experience to just remove the whole section or the whole album, so that the algorithm does the filter from all that's within what I'm wanting to hide
I get whole section of regional recommendations that I'd never listen to, nor have any alike song in my history, polluting my home tab. It would be way easier to just remove the whole section or the whole album

Hi there @rbatistab,


Here are a couple of relevant ideas submitted by other Spotify users which I think you'll find interesting, so be sure to check them out and show your support (if you haven't already):

Note that despite their status, all ideas are open for voting, so you can still give them a thumbs up. We revisit them on regular intervals and it just might be that their time would be right in the future.


The Community is always here if something else comes up in the meantime.


Have a good one!

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