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Music of Spot's Spotify Premium

Music of Spot's Spotify Premium


I listen the little publicity/spot of Spotify Premium this last January 2017 in France. I would want to know the title of the music used for this spot. I hope my question is not so strange!



J'ai entendu la petit publicité de Spotify Premium ce dernier janvier 2017 en France. Je voudrais savoir le titre de la musique utilisé pour ce publicità. J'espère que la question ne sois pas si étrange! Merci

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Sorry for the reply in English, I am not able to read French with Google translate.


No your question is not so strange in fact it is often asked here on the community pages.


This is going off of past posts by other Spotify staff employees, sometimes Spotify will make their own song jingles for their ads, these little song jingles for their own ads are often not available to the public. Spotify has their own audio studios now, and are able to produce music for their own company uses, as well as do session recordings for artists now. Other times Spotify will highlight a new up coming artist with placing that artist's musical talents into their ads, these songs sometimes are not available publicly, and sometimes the songs are an official public available song from the artists, and of course with that artist's permission. 🙂


Right now there is no notice or indication of what the music is in the ads when the Ad promotions play currently. There are a few public available playlists that some Spotify users have been collecting the songs publicly available from known artists in Spotify ads, but at the moment I seem to be unable to find the post to the playlist link to it. Maybe with a little searching of the community, you might get lucky and find the post with the playlist link in it?

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