My Discover Weekly is not updating

My Discover Weekly is not updating

Windows, Web / Free plan


My Discover Weekly is the same as 29.09.2022. I'm not using private mode.

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In some cases, it's a matter of time before new songs appear in your auto playlist. If in a few more hours your playlists are not generated, you can follow some of these tips:


Clear the system cache


By eliminating the temporary internet files from your computer or mobile, you can eliminate residual traces and force the playlist to be refreshed.


Log out of Spotify


Logging out and logging in from your Spotify account also had an effect in some cases, resulting in your new playlist automatically downloading.


Log out on smartphones and tablets


In some cases, a mobile device logged into your Spotify account can “stuck” your playlist and prevent your weekly playlist from generating. Log out of your devices and repeat the process on your computer.


Turn off and on again


This may be the "simplest" tip of all, but believe me, in the IT world it is one of the main recommendations that can be given. Turn your PC or cell phone off and on again so that updates are carried out, records are cleaned and various other automatic actions can be performed.

If all else fails, you can wait by listening to a different playlist until your system updates. 🤗

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