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My Year in Music 2016

My Year in Music 2016

As far as today, 31st of December of 2016, I haven't received the oh-so-promised My Year in Music through neither e-mail nor inbox messaging. I've been using spotify for about 2 years now (And this is probably my most active year), and even though all that is really useless, it's way better than "hey we know what you listened to but we don't actually care so here are a lot of playlists based on public opinion and you have this one about your most played".


The "Your Top Songs 2016" playlist was organized on 3rd of December, but you seriously couldn't make sure that everyone got their own Year in Music instead of "hey that's what people listened a lot this year"?

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Unfortunately, in order to have received the Wrapped 2016 email, you needed to have opted into News and Offer email notifications at the beginning of December.  Spotify did not communicate very well this year but for a full list of criteria, you can see this post.

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