Need to find a song!


Need to find a song!

I was driving to my parents house and came over this really disco/funk song on spotify. It was so good i spammed it several times before I went on looking for other songs.. however I wasnt looking since I was driving, and now I just cant find the song again! Since I spammed it, it would be easy to find in a history log or something! I got the worst headache now from trying to find the song and i feel really sad that I might have lost it for good!

The song had that picky bass, but I believe the song might be a bit new(or a remix) because of a more modern kick. Also the only vocals I could remember was a female singing "Aaaaah" which got quickly silenced. I also remember the vocals was chopped like "aaa-aaa-aaaaaah".

Please help and thank you!
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I will assume you was using a mobile device: 🙂 There might be a couple of ways you can know what you were listening to. If you have added a account in your Spotify app device settings: there is a play log of all songs played from account users. If you created your Spotify account using Facebook or even just linked a Facebook account with your Spotify account, there is also a play history with the Spotify / Facebook app linked to such accounts as well. Just head over to Activity Log on Facebook / Spotify linked accounts.