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Nina Simone album disappeared??

Nina Simone album disappeared??

Is it possible that music disappears from Spotify? For example: In the last weeks I was able to listen to Nina Simone's Live At Montreux album but since a couple of days this album does not exist anymore in Spotify? Can someone explain and/or tell me how to access  this content again?





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Yes some releases do tend from time to time to not be available on an artist's profile page for streaming. All content is lincensed to Spotify for streaming and when that license expires for each release the content becomes unavailable. The content usually comes back within a couple of weeks if it is just a licensing issue.


Also which release is it of Nina Simone Live At Montreux? As I went to the wiki page on her content, and the only listing for a Montreux live show was a DVD version of a live show in 1976.

Nina Simone Live at Montreux 1976 DVD only

Eagle Eye Media


Was this the release that was up but now is not? By the way that release has a release year of 2005 if that helps.

Hi JayLB, thanks for your fast response! If it is a license issue, I can understand. Will try in a couple of weeks again. I had made a special playlist with some songs of this particular album but now they won't play anymore.


I found the 'album' (with the same cover of the DVD) in the iTunes store, also with a release date of 2005. Hopefully this album will re-appear in Spotify soon, so I can re-populate my playlist! 🙂


Thanks again!



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