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Pandora artists not available on Spotify

Pandora artists not available on Spotify

I've subscribed to Pandora for years, and I have been looking forward to the day that I can cancel my Pandora subsription and rely just on Spotify. Unfortunately, it seems the Spotify collection is stll amazingly limited because a solid 70% of music I hear on Pandora I cannot find on Spotify. Is this on purpose? Spotify Radio truly sucks in comparison to Pandora, and it seems not just because Spotify's mixing is bad, but also mosty because the selection on Spotify is just deficient. I woud label the Pandora music more mature and more interesting. A lot of what I hear on Spotify I hear on the radio. A lot of what I hear on Pandora I just can't find on the radio or on Spotify.


How about Spotify take on Pandora and competes with the selection?

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Do not give up hope, and I can not say much, but the Radio feature in Spotify is being worked on.


Also as a side you do have access to Discover Weekly on your account? I know 30 songs is limited, but following those artists that the songs get added into your DW playlist, and also looking at similar artists at those artist pages could be a great tool finding new music you are looking for?

Spotify radio is truly horrible and has me considering cancelling my subscription. I have multiple stations and they play about 10-15 different songs. Someone had to try and make radio as bad as it is

The radio feature is always the WEAKEST feature in any streaming services, Your best bet is to find artists related to the ones you like !! 🙂

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