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Phantom Power by The Tragically Hip is missing

Phantom Power by The Tragically Hip is missing

When looking through the Tragicically Hip's albums, their album called "Phantom Power" is missing.   If you know the album's URL, you can browse directly to it, but only the songs that are also availble on their "Yer Favorites" album are available for play.  This album was available in early June, as I had added it to my library at that time.


Phantom Power is currently available on Apple Music, so it seems hard to believe that the artist chose to remove this one album from Spotify and not Apple Music.  

2 Replies

I just noticed this myself. Would like to know if and when it becomes available again.


Oddly enough, it appears on an "open" Spotify page:

Yes, you can see the album at this link:


But note that only 4 of the songs are play-able there, those songs being the ones that are also on their "Yer Favorites" album.  

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