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Please add Palm Trees by flatbush zombies

Please add Palm Trees by flatbush zombies

Dear Spotify,
I am a very big fan of Spotify and love the nearly endless amount of music that is at my disposal, but there are songs that you absolutely need to get posted on your playlists and artist pages. I am a huge fan of Flatbush Zombies and when I found out that Palm Trees wasn't available on Spotify I quite literally wanted to cry. I love that song and I am going to go insane if I cannot listen to this song soon. I am not sure if you are having troubles negotiating with the record company, or the artists themselves but it would be much appreciated if you can resolve this issue soon.
A very disgruntled but steadfast fan of Spotify,
Michael Ash
10 Replies

@MichaelAsh34 Hey there,


When an album or song isn't added, or is removed, or made available only in certain regions, it's almost always the choice of the artist or label - spotify wants people to enjoy an expanding library of over 30 million tracks but individual copyright decisions aren't theirs to make.


Here's what you can do to get that added:


Hope that helps! ^_^

A second this mans pleads

@reidmarchand fortunately the more people petition the artist/label and follow the steps above, the more likely it is to be added!

Palm trees by Flatbush Zombies is part of their mixtape Better off DEAD, and mixtapes are usually not added to streaming services like Spotify because that would require them to be monetized, and mixtapes are only meant to be free. The artist or label would need to add that song themselves.

I know I am late but yeah I also want this song. I keep checking to see if its been added. Makes me so sad....

Yes I really think that palm treesshould be on spotify I absolutly love the beat and the lyrics of that song. So please add palm trees to spotify. Thank you.


Still waiting for it to happen.

I think we are supposed to take a road trip, find the group and ask very nicely to pls pls add it to spotify lol. 

You should totally add it. Cmonnnn I know you want to

any news on this?

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