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Problem with long titles in classical music

Problem with long titles in classical music

I have a Premium account, and I reglarly use offline playlists on my iPhone. I mostly listen to classical music, but the titles are usually very long, so if we have a symphony/concerto with more movements, it is impossible to tell by the title which movement I am listening to.




Spotify on my computer shows:

Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra – Horn Concerto No. 1 in E flat major, Op. 11, TrV 117: I. Allegro


Spotify on my iPhone shows:

Horn Concerto No. 1 in E flat...


It is not possible to show more than this! I tried all possible ways, and there is not possible to show the whole title. For example with an opera, there may be about 30 tracks, but all tracks are showing identically because the name of the song comes at the very end of the title.


Could Spotify make the app better so that it is possible to "scroll" through the title?

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Hello kwetzass and welcome to the Community!


I do understand what you mean since I always listen to classical music myself. 


I would suggest to create an idea and let it get kudos and comments! There is already an idea about long titles, you can add your kudos if you like so


Since this is the help section I am going to move your post to the contribution one.


Thanks so much for collaborating and get back to use when you need it 🙂



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♬Music is life♬



I'm also a big, huge classical music lover. I see this user's problem and agree with it. However, since a few weeks, the track titles in many classical albums have been shortened... too much! Now the track is simply named "Allegro", "Adagio" etc.: so, if I'm listening to the complete Beethoven symphonies, I have to count my way through the list. Which is nearly impossible to do when there are more pieces and it is not a complete cycle (some collections of Vivaldi's concerti, for example),

Hope it can get fixed!



I have posted this same issue and now I'm going through supporting others who noticed this problem to help it get traction to get on their radar y'all should search and comment and kudo all those other music lovers who noticed a track title issue like this

If this will not get fixed soon, this is a reason to cancel my premium submission. It's very annoying.

This topic was created in 2012, its now 2014. Read into that what you will.

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If this post was helpful, please add kudos below!

[app for ios]

It's almost august 2014 - is there any solution?


My wife just lost her mother and wants to listen to some classic music to relax - and now this.... long titles cut down to identical sentences. Totally unusable.


Not good. 



Unfortunately not I'm afraid. 😞

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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If this post was helpful, please add kudos below!

As a suggested fix could Spotify, provide a "rename" function or "alias" function which allows the user to rename the title just for his account. The rename value would be saved on his/her computer and checked for a matching URL and then display the alias instead of the actual. 

This is my problem too... and its April 2016 already... also a premium subscriber. Any solutions forthcoming for us, classical music fans. This is how my screen looks like... The song title is BARELY visible. This has been the nagging problem in iOS too and I'm trying out spotify JUST FOR THIS feature.



Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.14.07 AM.png


There are numerous complaints about the inability to see an entire song name if it is long. This is a particular problem with classical music, in which you can't tell which movement a selection represents, but it can be a problem for any song with a long title which isn't displayed in its entirety.


I've found that the way to see the entire name of a song is to press the menu (. . .), then "Share," then "Post To."  At this point you can see then entire name for the track.  Wouldn't it be nice if the menu included a choice for "Info," which would display the full title?  Or even better if a long press on the song would display the full title?  It seems this could be implemented and would partially solve a big problem.


I do understand that real estate on the display is quite limited, so the solution isn't easy.  This could be a big help, though.

This problem was first posted in 2012; It's June 2016 now and still no action by Spotify.

Same for me, in a playlist, it's a pain in the **bleep**. At least show the complete title as tooltip when we pass over with the mouse.

I also have experienced this problem on the iOS app. I would very much like to see this issue addressed, especially since it has come up in multiple topics and suggestions in this community (a quick Google search yields several over the pay few years).

Dear Spotify team,


please do something to solve this longstanding problem!



Yes I agree too I hope that we can click on the dots and it will show us the full title but until then keep updating the app and waiting for the feature to come out


One possible solution is to strech the window containing spotify

Easy for me as I'm using dual monitor at work... But still, you can strech one end, drag the window further out of screen and strech again, until whole text is visible

Try that, worked for me (ugly and irritating though) for classical music



I have no hopes anymore that Spotify will do anything about this problem, they don't care at all. 

A little thing to help (on pc) : Click and drag the song (like when you are going to add the song to playlist) this will show a small tooltip with the song title

Yes, this is very annoying.  How can we get Spotify to fix this?

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