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Quality depending on network coverage

Quality depending on network coverage

When I am driving in my car the audio quality varies. I know that Spotify has three quality levels: q3 (~96 kbps), q5 (~160 kbps), q9 (~320 kbps.

Question: when does spotify choose what quality level? what network / downloadspeed-levels are mapped to each of these q3,q6,q9 levels?

With an dedicated Smartphone-App I can see what downloadspeed  I currently have, but can I also see in the spotify app (or anywhere else) what quality-level I am currently receiving (spotify currently offers)?


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What I can do is escalate this post as it details phone/wifi services of devices, and could end up being somewhat detailed. As of all of this would be based on the service provider a Spotify user is using, and also how well that service is in different areas of the coverage area, and how well the service feeds data to it's users on those systems in times of high usage on those services.


What device are you using? And then I can move this to the proper area of the community, so I can escalate this for you to get an answer? This part of the community is about music content questions, and does not have the feature to escalate an issue from here in the community.

and where can I get an answer to this technical problem?

The question is a general question for all devices: I do have an wifi-hotspot in my car (network changes from 2G over 3G up till 4G), I connect several devices to it. I want to listen to good quality music.

What download rate do I need for what quality level?

Download speed I can see with a certain speed app - the question is when spotify is taking what kbps and if there is an indication, e.g. in the App that I can see the current quality level / kbps?





Apologizes it took a few days to get back to this post, Holidays and all in the States over the day before and during weekend.


Anyway you might try this FAQ here: The FAQ is a bit dated but much of the content still applies. As far as some sort of feature in the Spotify mobile apps that details what kbps is being used no there is not one. But if you make sure you have the strongest signal 4g for example before doing any downloading for songs for offline use, and then make sure your Spotify mobile app option MUSIC QUALITY is set to EXTREME QUALITY before downloading and/or streaming option, you should get the highest quality possible. You might have to experiment some with different cans or ear buds being used as each has slightly different sound quality reproduction though from mobile and touch pad devices.

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