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Related Artists algorithm

Related Artists algorithm

Hi guys! I'm a spotify user since a couple of years but also an artist. In may we released the first album on spotify but I have a big concern with regards to the related artists proposed on my band page, "warning" is now out since 5 months but the band linked to us have nothing in common at all :-)) ! I read how this is supposed to work, part based on who listen what together with us, but I am wondering if it make sense.

Our genre is almost melodic rock and we are linked to grind-core-extrem metal band so I believe that people that might be interested to listen to us will not be able to find usat all.


Does it make sense? The band name is no-one's project, is there any way it can be adjusted?





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Welcome to the community and thanks for your contribution.


That's a major point you highlight in your post.


Personally, I think that's the result of everything being automated with less an less human intervention to listen before classify. As you said, as well all the different discovery playlists or the way related artists are classified is all automated and mostly resulting of users listening habits.


Not being myself an artist, I don't know how it is actually, but we could imagine that every label, digital service or independent artist should, as the same time they send a recording to add in the library, have obligation to give a list of 4 or 5 keywords to associate to the recording and representing the best as possible its genre and its content. This could help a lot to classify better the entries in the database and the related artists.


I encourage you, as artist, to submit, in the appropriate board, a new idea going in that direction :


Good luck 🙂


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Wow I'm really surprised with how interesting this topic is.


I agree 110%, this is a big concern as I'm an artist and am planning to release music very soon and I can imagine this would be a recurring issue for smaller artists!


I hope this gets issue gets looked into.



We used cdbaby to distribute our album and indeed we specified similar artists and genre labels. Spotify does not consider those. I am still waiting  an answer from their email. Hopefully they'll be back soon!

So a couple of weeks and still no feedback from

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