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Release Radar query - Important

Release Radar query - Important



I recently released my second single - but the first that could be included on the release radar playlist - I’ve spoken to a few of my followers who said that it never appeared in their Friday Release Radar Playlist - despite being released that day (28th December)?  I was under the impression that it would appear if I followed an artist and if that track was released on a Friday???? 





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I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to ask.. could you elaborate a little more and I will try to help you


Hi Lauren,

Thanks for the reply. Basically, I was under the impression that “followers” of my artist page would receive my latest Friday release within their “Release Radar” playlist. However this never happened. (I spoke to a few of my ‘followers’ who were disappointed that they didn’t see it).

I’m trying to understand why this didn’t happen.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your help


Thank you for that, I understand a little more now

A release radar is a collation of songs that spotify collated for you with songs that it thinks your going to love, a release radar is not necessarily just for songs by artists that you follow.

To put this into perspective, let's say I followed adele, and she released a new song, that song wouldn't necessarily be in my release radar.

I hope this helps


Hi Lauren,


Thanks for the reply as any info is appreciated.  I was just under the impression that 'Release Radar' would be the place that where my releases would get to my followers.  Sorry, if I appear frustrated - it is certainly not aimed at you - I've attached a screenshot of the 'Spotify for Artists' Playlists page.  Maybe this page needs to be changed?



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