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Request for Sensitivity in Content Recommendations for Ukrainian Users

Request for Sensitivity in Content Recommendations for Ukrainian Users

Dear Spotify,


I am writing to address a concern that has significant cultural and emotional implications for many of your users, particularly in Ukraine. As you are aware, the ongoing imperialistic russian war in Ukraine, has had profound and painful effects on the lives of millions of Ukrainians. The war, marked by severe trauma, loss, and displacement, has deeply impacted the Ukrainian people's relationship with Russian language and culture.


In this context, a lot of Ukrainian users of Spotify have reported the platform's algorithm frequently recommending Russian content. This includes users who have not previously engaged with such content or have actively avoided it. For many, the Russian language has become inextricably linked to the suffering and anguish caused by the russians. Consequently, encountering Russian content on a platform intended for entertainment and relaxation can be distressing and triggering.


While I recognize Spotify's commitment to offering a diverse range of content to its global audience, I believe it is crucial to consider the unique and sensitive situation faced by Ukrainian users. To address this, I propose the following solutions:

  1. Opt-Out Feature for Specific Content: Implement a feature allowing users to opt out of content from specific languages or regions. This will enable Ukrainian users to avoid Russian content and create a more comfortable and personalized listening experience.

  2. Sensitive Content Recommendations: Enhance the recommendation algorithm to be more sensitive to the geopolitical context. This could involve reducing the frequency of Russian content suggested to users in Ukraine or those who have a history of engaging with Ukrainian content.

  3. User Feedback Integration: Incorporate user feedback mechanisms to understand and adapt to individual preferences, especially in regions experiencing conflict or tension.

I understand that music and podcasts are universal languages that transcend borders and conflicts. However, in times of turmoil and strife, the cultural and linguistic nuances become more pronounced and carry a deeper significance. My request is not about limiting cultural exchange but about providing a safe and considerate listening environment for all your users, respecting their emotional and cultural contexts.

I hope Spotify will consider this request seriously and take steps to ensure its platform remains a source of comfort and enjoyment for everyone, regardless of their geopolitical situation.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

645 Replies

Totally agree. I just don't want listening music artists who support and sponsor genocide 

Absolutely agree!

Completely Agree!

Spotify curated playlists are not safe for me to listen, I mostly ignore discover weekly just because very often I could find russian song in there. 

Sometimes Spotify rudely places russian track in queue after I listened to Ukrainian music

Really dude this is so damn cringe that I can put a "don't recommend me this song" feedback on a song, but I can't do the same with the specified actor. So f*d up.

This is the reason I unsubscribed and stopped using Spotify at all. The constant urge it had to shove russian stuff down my throat despite me actively blocking and avoid it was just too annoying to keep using it.

That’s true, can’t use discover weekly because of this problem

totally agree and would appreciate this feature on Spotify. i am so done with seeing russian artists on my spotify. even tho i disliked them


Totally agree

Left Spotify years ago mainly due to intrusive recommendations of Russian songs. I'd greatly appreciate if such functionality is added. I'm currently using YT Music, where blocking Russian artists impacts recommendations, and I actively avoid Russian songs. However, I would like to return to Spotify.

You must understand that Ukrainians cannot listen to the music of those who killed, assaulted, and tortured them, their children, brothers, and sisters!

yes please! i am tired of constantly cleaning up the mix of three Ukrainian artists from russian songs. i stopped listening to russian music completely 2 years ago and deleted it from my library, yet i still see it popping up in "concerts around you", "new albums you might like", and playlists. please implement this!

Totally agree! Please fix this problem for Ukrainians.

Totally agree. I don't want see russian artists in my recommendations. Taxes that they are paying going to purchase weapon to kill Ukrainians. Spotify team, please pay attention to this request

Totally agree 

I'm tired of this, spotify, respond

Completely agree! I hope Spotify will respond to this, thanks

Yes. The situation at the moment ranges from inconvenient to traumatic for some.

I hope it'll make spotify better


It's very important. Absolutely and totally "yes" for this!

It would be awesome improvement for users.

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