Request for Vietnamese Songs


Request for Vietnamese Songs


Hi guys,


I'm come from Vietnamese. I hear some thing news said that, Spotify will open on October 2017. I really love Spotify but some of songs when i try to search with key words Vietnamese like :


1,Ta Cứ Đi Cùng Nhau

2, Rhymastic - Treasure

3, Túy Âm - Xesi x Masew x Nhatnguyen



Please update that, or if you have a links for request for user if's okay. We can contribute for you guys. Because you need to update alots of music come from Vietnam.

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Re: Request for Vietnamese Songs

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Hey @LeeNguyen,


Music added to Spotify is up to artists, labels and/or their management of what is available to listeners in any given listening region.


"Spotify wants all the world's music, and they're working hard on making this happen for you. However sometimes agreements can’t be reached with the artist or label or a change may happen in music ownership. 

Spotify adds thousands of albums and artists are added every day. If you can’t find an artist you’re looking for, they may appear (or reappear) soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact the artist or their label to ask when they plan to be on Spotify."


If you have the music as local music files on your system, you can add those musc files in Spotify by using the Spotify desktop app and going to Preferences, scroll down to Local Files and toggle on where the local music files are stored at, or use the ADD A SOURCE button to navigate to the folder where your local music files are stored at. Once the Spotify desktop app adds in the local music files, simply go to in the Spotify desktop app in Local Files, scroll down to the songs, and then drag and drop those songs into the playlists you wish them to be in.