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Several Guns N' Roses Songs Removed

Several Guns N' Roses Songs Removed

Several Guns N' Roses songs have been removed (It's So Easy, Yesterdays, Bad Obsession & The Garden). When will these be back up? I'm a premium subscriber & this could be a deal-breaker for me, seeing as how GNR are my favorite band.

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Hey @leeburt82


I don't know when they will be available again, but hopefully it's soon! It may take a little while.

I suppose it could be some regional licensing matter going on... If you wish to know more, then asking about it from the label or artist is worth trying. 🙂


Wishin you a great day!

Those songs are all credited with West Arkeen. All versions of those songs, studio or live, have been removed. 

Yeah, this is unacceptable. One thing you can do as a premium subscriber (I am, too) is buy the songs on iTunes or download them onto your computer from the albums in CD form and then sync them to a playlist from your local files, but it is indeed a major pain to have to go through that ordeal. Guns N' Roses is also one of my absolute favorite bands and it's difficult to express how pissed I am that this happened, especially with "Bad Obsession," "It's So Easy" and the live version of "Yesterdays." I wonder if this is an issue right now on other streaming services. Because if not, you'd be justified as a Guns fan to drop them and go elsewhere.

Also, Sebast's "solution" of asking the label or artist is at weak as can be. What are we supposed to do, call up Axl Rose? He probably doesn't even know himself what's going on.

This has gotten to be a big irritation for me, also, especially since these songs are intact on Apple Music. When I tried Apple Music, I ended up finding whole albums by other artists that are missing in Spotify.

Is Apple Music better? Spotify just seems to be getting worse and worse and I'm about ready for a better alternative.

** EDIT: I HAVE RETURNED TO SPOTIFY AFTER USING APPLE MUSIC FOR A WHILE. Everything I said below is true, but there are many problems still with the Apple Music software experience that makes it a major pain to use in comparison to Spotify. So... I guess I just have to rethink how I use Spotify and reevaluate how much I need certain songs right away. **


Apple Music is more comprehensive as far as the library. In my opinion, it has some features that I prefer over Spotify. Spotify is a smoother experience as far as software design, and no wonder, because they've been doing the streaming service longer. AM is improving, but still has glitches you wouldn't see with Spotify.


Spotify has a 10,000 song limit for your library and a 3,333 song download limit per device, which is frankly inane in 2017. AM has maybe a 100,000 song limit and the download limit is the space on your device. That is the biggest draw to AM for me, but the ability to have your personal music added to that cloud and combined with the rest of the streaming music is nice, also.

The West Arkeen reason is the correct one. Not "regional licensing." 

Apple Music suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. You must trust me on this, because unfortunately I paid for an account so I could exchange phat tracks with my brother, you feel me. And, it's the first day of 2019 and AM continues to dis improvements.


Make gNr WHOLE, Spotify. Please.


Prospero año y felicidad.

Ya I seen**bleep** and was like huhhhhhhhhhhhhh   


All of the previously unavailable songs are back, along with other previously unavailable songs from other artists, and TOOL’s music catalogue. Hopefully the Guns n Roses songs are here to stay.

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