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Single became unavailable

Single became unavailable

The song "Dra (feat. Thomas Dybdahl & Izabell" by artists Kriminell Kunst, Thomas Dybdahl and Izabell disappeared from my playlist today, and the song has become unplayable from my saved album. What is going on?

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Hello @joachiaa and welcome to the community,


Availability of music on Spotify is up to the artists and/or their labels.


Song missing can be by decision of the artist and/or their label or because licensing problems. Licensing rules are not the same from a country to another, then it can happen sometimes to have music available in some countries and not in some others. When it's a licensing problem, the music is usually back when the problem is fixed.


Spotify wants all the music in the world available to stream and works hard daily to convice artists and their labels to have all their catalog available.

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Thanks, I suspected as much. But could it also be technical? I experience bugs where songs disappear from my saved albums, but are in the album when I select "go to album". I then unsave and resave to get them back.


Spotify: whether it is a technical or legal issue, please get this song back.

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