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Some Iron Maiden albums are currently missing

Some Iron Maiden albums are currently missing

Couple days ago, the following Iron Maiden albums vanished and aren't possible to listen to in Finland:

No Prayer For The Dying (released in 1990), Live After Death (1985), The Book Of Souls (2015), Rock In Rio (2002), Death On The Road (2005)


All the albums were previously available and for what I've seen and heard about this recent, some of the albums are not available in any region at the moment.

Is this error or has Iron Maiden asked to remove the albums?

Or has the contract and agreement run out and it's being renewed or something like that?

Other services like Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, Qobuz all have the albums still available so this only exclusive to Spotify.


Please, don't respond to this message with auto copy paste usual reply.


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This is cancel subscription type event for me. Will watch this develop for a few days.

Me too. Have to follow and see how it goes.

If it ain't fixed by early next week, I think we both know what to do.

Hey folks,


It seems that the albums are temporarily unavailable, as I can't access them in my region either 😞 As much as we'd love to have all the music in the world on Spotify, the content may vary over time and between countries. This depends on permissions from rights holders.

Hopefully it won't be too long before the albums reappear on Spotify. In the meantime, you can import local files to your music library.



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This is just uncool. Wake up to smash Tailgunner and its gone…my morning ruined lol. Theres a few albums disappearing over the past few months. Is there something you wish to tell us Spotify? Apple Music is looking like the next move for me if this keeps happening 🤔🫤😤🤷‍♂️

Some songs are still there, Tailgunner is still on Ed Hunter.

Removing almost the entirety of The Book of Souls is not cool. If I don't get my The Red and the Black fix soon, I'm dropping Spotify for YouTube.

For what it seems, the only services that have the absolute same discography of Iron Maiden available similar to Spotify are: Deezer, Qobuz and Youtube Music. Tidal doesn't have Live At Donington 1992 and Apple Music doesn't have Maiden Japan.

Not sure about Amazon as I haven't checked that one out.

If the albums aren't coming back, which service would you recommend?

Death on the Road - definitely missing in the UK also of my top soundtracks to listen. 
Highlights the problem with all streaming services - regularly finding previous / popular content unavailable and on a different platform. Definitely limits the appeal - not just cost, but who wants to keep changing apps just to listen / watch somethiing else. 

Yep, definitely so. And uploading own files to fill the missing gaps doesn't feel like nice thing.

So..Do something Spotify and put the 5 Iron Maiden albums back on the catalogue?

I'm very disappointed. Rock In Rio (2002) is my favourite album. I've seen that it's still available on other services... 😕

I think that we will never get it back, after more than a week, I think that it is really impossible to get it back. I also think, that after Empire of the clouds disapeared, my Iron Maiden listening time will be really shorter

I would atleast ask for valid reason why this action was taken?
We can all leave Spotify but I would still need some explanation if the albums will be back or not.

If it is about contract or licensing, why wasn’t it continued normally or is this some boycott to recent Spotify news?

I think the band/label is working on "something special" as they put it not so long ago. Could be remasters/remixes or something else, and they`re good at keeping secrets. And it may be as simple as rights being renewd and they`ll soon be back. It`s no logic in the albums now missing, so it`s not a label issue. 

Haven't seen anything mentioned about special remasters or any anniversary editions.

On the Iron Maiden FC-board, the person who runs it posted this about the matter:

"No timeline- it has been flagged though and the people who run it are aware."


And by the way, these albums "Live After Death" and "Rock In Rio" had anyways wrong remasters.

I reported this in 2020 as the rest albums were updated to 2015 editions but LAD still was the 1998 remaster and RiR was the original release. Qobuz, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon have the correct masterings. Deezer also has the wrong one for LAD.


So most likely, if LAD and RIR are brought back then one would expect them to updated finally to correct remaster.

LAD remaster from 2015 was better than the 1998 edition you had on Spotify.

book of souls is found here

but only speed of light track is available 😭

Seems to be partially back now

Yep, just checked and now it's fixed!

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