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Some Japanese artists are not available in Spotify Japan

Some Japanese artists are not available in Spotify Japan

I have read FAQ that described some songs/artists may not available in some countries.
I think It's ok if some Japanese artists are not available in another countries Spotify
but how weird is it if some Japanese artists are not availble in mainland Japan but available in another countries? such as Kana Nishino, Mariya Nishiuchi, Sayaka Shionoya, and Perfume are available in Singapore or Taiwan not in Japan!

That's why I'm not subscribed premium plan because some day I may need to move out of Japan to listen some Japanese songs in another countries (lol)

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Hi @mdcine, welcome to the Community!


Unfortunately it's up to the artist and/or their label to decide which territories their releases are available in.


It may be worth contacting the artist or label to see if there was a mistake on their part, it seems strange to have a Japanese artist blocked in Japan!


Let me know if there's anything else I can help with 🙂


So true! I live in germany and was looking for AKB48 songs but couldn't find any 😕 

If you're a AKB's fan and you can't find any song in Germany. My suggestion is VPN service. switch to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, or Singapore.

Screen Shot 0029-10-19 at 2.14.38.png

It bugs the **bleep** out of me. I subscribed to Spotify premium so I'll never have to download music illegally(as many of the songs I like are hard to find in my country, especially songs from Japanese artists) and a lot of the songs I listen to are unavailable in my country(Hungary). Maybe I'll have to change to Youtube Music(or what the **bleep** is its name) because all of the music I listen to are available there and there are no country blocking BS there. 

Very infuriating. And the official response from Spotify (we can't do anything, it's copyright, sck it up lolz) is pretty unprofessional too. Shameful...


Envy’s first four albums were available on Spotify, but now they’re gone and the only thing that I can accept is that the band had left Temporary Residence after The Fallen Crimson was released, Although I am not sure if they did. Mono’s debut album was also present on Spotify (I’ve started listening in late 2019 though, So I’m not sure.) But now as you can see it is also gone now. 72DF26C3-2D4B-4CE6-BBA4-04E8BE3D0AA9.jpeg9E6F9B7B-85C6-4B80-9607-85D31975D9CF.jpeg306D4F6E-367D-4921-8828-F81DC9578A86.jpegA02A89EF-0EBE-44D1-8F9B-5A40C8A818BA.jpeg1D3B93B0-40A2-427C-8679-1EDDBA27BC22.png

Envy’s fifth album Recitation is also gone. We can’t escape from this nightmare, I’m sorry!26295694-62B0-421C-A069-9ED54DC93C5E.png

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