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Song Availability

Why I get a song that was downloaded before / that was deleted because of space issues... now that I have much more space ..I can't get it again.


The song is by Prince (I want to be your Lover)..

there are many more.. this is a example.

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Hello @WalterHill & welcome to the community!

Prince's publisher has asked all streaming services to remove his catalog.

Spotify cooperated with their request, but hope to bring his music back as soon as possible.


Hope this helps! ♫

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Okay... now I have downloaded a song by Bob James..  Album ( Three ) the song is Westchester Lady. Now it's unavailable to play. Do you know the reason for this or do I have too many songs downloaded, is there a limit?





Yes there is a limit of downloads, up to 3,333 tracks per device, and up to three devices per account, with an overall total limit of 9,999 tracks per user that can be downloaded on all 3 devices.

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