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Song disappeared, doesn't show artist or song name

Song disappeared, doesn't show artist or song name


Country: Canada

On one of my playlists, the first song in the playlist now just shows that it's a song by various artists.  When I click on it, it sends me to some page with a million other songs.  I'm just wondering what the song name is at least so I can find it on YouTube or something.  Should I be screenshotting all my songs so I don't lose the names of them?




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Hey @Blahsheep,

Thanks for coming to the Community.

Was this song synced to your device as a local track or it was a song from the Spotify catalogue?


Do users in your vicinity report the same? How does the song look on their end?

It is possible, that this song was in a playlist, but the playlist and its contents were later removed. You can find more information on that here.

Keep us posted,


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The song is or was apart of a playlist that I created.  The song was on the Spotify catalogue.


I just can't remember the name of the song.  I do remember the album picture but I can't pinpoint the song name. 


I'm sad if it was removed but it's not as bad at least I have the name so I can find it elsewhere.  Usually when a song is not available, it is greyed out and you can still see the artist name and song name. 


Thanks for your time!

Hey @Blahsheep,


Thank you for your reply.


It seems the song is not available in our catalogue at the moment. But we're adding new songs on a daily basis and hopefully this song will also be added some day again.


Hope this helps,



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Hi Dian!

I'm having the same problem with a load of songs from my "Piano"-playlist. Is it possible to at least get to see what the name of said songs is so I can find them somewhere else? I see the cover albums but not the name or artist. 
Thank you!

Hey @AndreLaurentHedlund,


Thanks for reaching out.


Unfortunately, it's not possible to retrieve the names of those tracks as they've been completely removed from Spotify's catalogue. You can however request the download of your streaming history from your account page and try to find the songs there.


We hope this helps!

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That is not okay with me. I'm listening to Spotify nearly every day and found the same problem on various playlist. It's not like I'm checking them every day. So now I don't know which songs are missing and/or if I could find them in another version. 

It took years to create a playlist! If a song is removed there should be some kind of information about that! Or as recommended a name of the song like if it's not available in the country. 

I, for myself, care more about my playlists then the catalogue of Spotify.

I pay money since 2009 and that's how long I worked on my playlists. 

A solution for this problem would be great.

Exactly what I'm thinking.  I've been using spotify for years and made loads of Playlists consisting of 10,000 songs.  It would be great if they left the song name.

Hey Spotify, again songs are just disappeared. No title, artist or any other hints to get the songs back. I know there are many songs. But please let the users know when you are deleting a song. So we can buy it somewhere else and still listening to it. As a premium user I'm really disappointed. Do it like Netflix and tell the users that it will be gone soon. My playlists (plural) are missing 10+ songs. How should I know which ones? You can tell me what is new, even if I'm not interested. But you can't tell me which songs will be deleted? That's really bad communication with paying members!

Hey Guys, I have the exact same Problem with lots of my playlists. At the beginning the Issue didn't bother me too much because it only affected single songs but by now some of my playlists are half empty and I have no chance to retrieve the song Information anymore. Please make a Fix for this Problem.


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