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Songs that use Canvas are broken.

Songs that use Canvas are broken.




United Kingdom


iPhone XR

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iOS 16.5.1


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 Songs that have a canvas are broken. Songs that don’t use canvas play normally, online and off. These canvas songs, when played will not show the canvas. They will display a loading screen. The song will play for around 10 seconds before skipping to the next song or crashing the app. This issue occurs both on- and offline. The only way I’ve found solves the issue is to turn canvas off in the Spotify settings, which is how I identified the problem to be with the canvas itself. I’m not entirely bothered by playing songs without canvas but it is frustrating so it’d be good if this gets fixed. Thanks 🙂


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Hey @LucyF19,


That sounds like an odd and unintended app behaviour, thanks for reaching out! 🙂


Would you mind sending us some song links so that we can take a look on our end? 
We'd very much appreciate it!

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 Thanks for the reply. The issue seems to have resolved itself- I turned on canvas and the songs are playing fine. The songs I remember not working are To You by Seventeen and Black Eye by Vernon, apologies that I can’t think of anymore (I only tested a few songs before I found the solution). Songs that did work were Whalien 52 by BTS and golden hour - Fujii Kaze Remix by JVKE.

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