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Spotify Ad Song


Spotify Ad Song

There is this advertisement song that has the lyrics "Wish that I could see your face again" or something like that by a male singer. Anyone know what the song title is? Thank you


here are the song recordings: 
What song is this? credits to @kokobeyb

We are begging you, please tell us the song title  credits to: @anneannebanana


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maybe next time the ad comes up pause quickly, use another device to shazam the sound you hear. good luck 🙂

I'm on premium now so I can't hear it again 😞

tried that but it doesn’t show on Shazam

so you also heard the ads? did I put the correct lyrics in the post?

Yes I’ve heard the ad it always comes every half an hour and yes you did put in the correct lyrics 🙂


Do you perhaps have a recording of the ad?
I am starting to forget the melody. T_T

Yes I do but I sent it through instagram to another friend

Yes! I am losing my mind searching the song! I thought it sounded like Harry Styles...

Oh my god I’ve been searching for this song too anybody knows it please let me know the title

I have it

can I ask for the recording? 😞 @Damiafiqah

Hey there @cociooo


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

We did some research based on the description you gave us. Any chance the track is When Will I See Your Face Again by Jamie Scott & The Town? Give it a try and let us know, we're curious here 🙂


Stay tuned!

Thank you but sadly, this is not it. It did not have an acoustic vibe on it.

Hey @cociooo - no worries! Here's hoping that someone else in this thread can...



I’m looking for this one as well! I have made a post as well. For those needing the clip, I managed to record the last part. 

see it here: Mystery Song 

@kokobeyb can I ask access for file? 🙂

Oh, sorry! My bad. I wasn’t able to edit the privacy. But there you go, it’s now public. 

I was actually tried listening to all of his songs. And the rest of 1D lol. Never found it. 

Thank you very much.

Actually, did the song you posted have the lyrics `Wish that I could see your face again` or something with like that? 🙂
I actually forgot the tune of the song I'm looking for and the only thing I remembered are the lyrics. I am worried we might be referring to different ads 🙂

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