Spotify Presale

Spotify Presale

I am disgusted and appaled that Spotify would blatantly explain itself to be discriminitory in its defense of its presale conditions.

The explination given regarding how user data being used as the way you decide who gains access to presale is unsatisfactory and discriminitory.   For those of us who don't have all day every day to listen to music through Spotify as our life situations don't allow it are put at a discriminitory disadvantage to be considered for participation. Rather than look at what users are listening to in reference to their own listenership, only the leading persons who are listening to that artist by plays are considered. That leaves those of us who can't listen all day but are huge fans of particular artists (read: an artist which is on 90% of my playlists and listened to with extremely high frequency) but because we aren't using the program enough for your algorithm we aren't invited to particiate. Not only that but there is no way to gain access outside of- I suppose- just letting Spotify run constantly listening to your top artists and hoping that you beat out all of the other users somehow.


I never thought I would say this as I have been an avid Spotify user for many years but this is making me reconsider my subscription. I would also be careful you don't end up with a lawsuit on your hands for discrimination. 



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Hi @lessthanyou,


Thanks for reaching out via the Community!


We’re sorry you feel this way. We’re always looking for feedback on how we run our offers, so we’ll make sure your feedback is passed onto the relevant team about this. 


If you have any other concerns, we’d recommend getting in contact with us directly via email, or by tweeting our support handle. We'll be able to help you out further and offer more support there.




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