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Spotify is not listening to users

Spotify is not listening to users


Free (Was a premium user for years and have been with Spotify 7+ years


United States


My Question or Issue

For 2 years or so there has been a thread to bring back features central to being able to enjoy spotify such as the ability to dislike songs and automatically create a unique playlist based on the songs that you like. There are multiple threads about it and despite getting thousands of votes and being brought up by multiple users Spotify completely ignores the feedback. It seems like Spotify is getting rid of more features and of the things that made it appealing as a platform than it is adding.


Over the 7+years that I've used Spotify I've been loyal to the platform because I sincerely thought it was the best and that Spotify cared about the users. I convinced other people to use the service for years but, I sincerely think people should leave the service now. The loss of many of the personalization features which made Spotify valuable like the ability to dislike songs and unique playlists based on the songs that you like and the complete disregard for what users want, make it a bad service. It no longer makes unique playlists for the users in the way that it did in the past, and most of the songs suggested are the same regardless of your past usage likes and dislikes. I refuse to stay with a service that cares so much more about profit than about user experience and I have canceled my subscription and I've moved to another music service. I think that you should do the same.


Spotify may think that it can offer worse service and keep customers, but there are other services offering what it is not. I've been holding out hope that Spotify will start to care as more people leave and I want to come back to the service because of how long I've used it. But I'm not going to give money to a service that doesn't care about me, so I have no intention of returning until those features are added back.

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