Spotify needs to become more Album "Collection" based, it's too track-focused at the moment

Spotify needs to become more Album "Collection" based, it's too track-focused at the moment

why not have days before the rodeo travi$ scott in spotify?
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Not sure what you mean? Yeah there is some full albums of content missing, but content added to the Spotify service is up to the labels, and artists, and this is always going to be a fickle game for awhile longer for access to music content, at least now that music streaming is spreading everywhere.


Check out my profile link and public playlists, 99.9% of my playlists are all full album discography playlists, and the few individual track collections playlists I have are for basically archiving for new content added by labels and artists, and also to back up what music comes to me through the Spotify Discovery Weekly feature.


Also just an aside comment, Hip Hop artists and even Pop Star artists are kind of a hit and miss thing if their content will be added to the Spotify service. There is a reason for this if you are aware of how the game of supply and demand comes into basic economics. The more hot the content or item people want the easier it is to play the Human Emotions+Money=Profits game. Artists can also play the delay game with content they know is either trending big or has allot of hype behind their releases. An artist for example will do a few weeks of exclusive deals in various stages of releasing new content to try and maximize profits.


But all that above aside the release you are looking for by that Artist is actually a free Mixtape release I do not usually do this but you can download and stream for free this Free Mixtape by this artist from SoundCloud. If you follow the linking sources in that wiki page about the release at the bottom of the article, you should get to it rather easily?

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