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Spotify never learned is lesson

Spotify never learned is lesson

Admin. Do not merge This with the other thread!!!!


Spotify has once again changed my home page to be half what it was. Half tictok single page tiles. I posted yesterday as a new point of discussion and some admin thought it cute to merge it with an old thread. 


This is a new push by Spotify in the same lousy direction that cost them a large number of subs. Spotify devs did not learn the lesson the last time. Why does Spotify insist on this direction? I will never use these single cards rendering this app close to pointless. The home page is now less then half what it was. Seeing as to how I use this app mostly when I'm driving, I have not, and will never use the discover/genre tiles. 


You are once again pushing me to rethink my sub. And the admins on this page merging my point of discussion yesterday to stop any discussion of this stealth push back to the last failed attempt makes me wonder why am I giving Spotify this chance to come to their senses once again. 


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You shouldn’t be allowed to drive 


You’ve gotta accept what Spotify does testing-wise because you don’t have the ability to change it because you’re a user on a platform service. 


Cancel your subscription if it bothers you that much. Weigh out your options. You have no leverage here, so go ahead and voice your opinions but there’s no benefit in being another arrogant gasbag in this community. 

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