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Stoner Rock playlist

Stoner Rock playlist

Hey guys,

I just put together a little playlist with many of my favorite stoner rock/metal songs. What are your favorite songs/artists?

Let me expand this playlist with your suggestions, thanks !

16 Replies



Ah man you for sure need some Clutch in there somewhere, unless I overlooked it on your playlist? Might also check out the off shot band by Clutch band members as a side experiment called The Bakerton Group. The Clutch band members did this side band for a short while to see how fans would react to a change in musical direction, and as they say it is all history now man.


Check the artist pages out here and the top songs from both artist pages.



The Bakerton Group, sadly only the second release by the band El Rojo is available. The bands self titled debut release is not currently available on the Spotify service but it is rather good, the debut release is a spacey stoner rock kind of thing, check it out if you can find a cheapie second hand CD copy of it somewhere.


The bands sophomore release of El Rojo:

Hello! May i ask you to add my songs to your playlist?


Thank you!

Hey there @El-Rojo-Stoner,

thanks for posting in the community !


I believe it'll be much more officiant posting these kinds of posts in the playlist exchange section of the community.

This way the exposure is bigger and to the right users.


Good Luck 😃

Already did that, thank you!

Here’s some SouthEast Asian Stoner Rock


It’s like Kyuss with some Oriental scales and modes. 


Also some Truckfighter and Windhand won’t hurt 

I found this song via Rock Band: Rivals pretty under the radar but I think you would dig it.


Great playlist! 



Hello from France!

May i ask you to add the songs of my band to your playlist?

The band is called Lazy Mama and we have 5 songs in our EP. 


Hope you'll enjoy it!



Hey there, great playlist!


If you want, add our band's the latest single "Poison"


Hope you like it... 


Hey there, 


Nice set! I see you got some 1000Mods there! I am Greek myself and a huge fan. 

You might enjoy Orbital Junction! Killer stoner from London🤘. This is their new track.


Nice one! You might like Orbital Junction from London:

Heyy space cadets! Throw some of these heavy psych grooves up on that playlist!

Please check the band Kyuss and from their albums I recommend to following atleast: Blues For The Red Sun (1992), Welcome To Sky Valley (1994) and ...And The Circus Comes To Town (1995).

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