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Stop Promoting Political Propaganda on Home Page

Stop Promoting Political Propaganda on Home Page






My Question or Issue

You are in no position to be "educating" anyone - you can barely get music right.. don't even get me started on your UI/software in general. Perhaps your time would be better spent on figuring out how to make a product that isn't hot garbage before you fancy yourselves as "educators".


Political content has no business being promoted on your platform - especially when users have no choice in the matter... at that point it's effectively propaganda. Not only that - the people you're promoting are known liars and frauds.


If you think you want to be political, your only choice is to represent BOTH sides EQUALLY. If you can't do that, then you need to stick to music... which, to be honest, you still have a lot of work to do in that area - you should probably focus on that. I've been feeding your algorithms for nearly a year and you still can't produce a playlist that is listenable without it being mostly stuff I've already told you I like. 


And seeing as you're not even from this country, you should probably just stay out of promoting political content altogether. If people want to *search* for it, let them - but actively promoting it is immoral - especially considering the non-factual basis of a lot of it combined with the inability to actually interact with it in any meaningful way.




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2 Replies

They keep recommending the Obama and Springsteen Podcast and putting it in my "Top Shows." I've never listened to more than 30 seconds. They won't stop pushing leftist American propaganda.


Agreed! These corporations don’t seem to understand that the leftist view only represents half of their customers. I am so tired of feeling bullied by these idiots who think they know better than everyone else. How about representing both sides of issues for once and let us decide for ourselves based on our own world views and perspectives. Makes me long to throw my money at conservative alternatives. And trust me they will come unless Spotify and other companies like it stop trying to shove their stupid college professors dogma down our throats. Bunch of sheep!

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