Surely this is a bot?


Surely this is a bot?

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A user is following me and over two thousand other accounts, most of the others with "db" in the name. The user in question is m_a_f_ekensta_m This is peculiar. Anyone have any ideas why someone would do this? Mafekenstan, are you for real? Can you respond to comment?
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Re: Surely this is a bot?

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What I can do is escalate this post for you and have a Spotify Mod check the user, and see exactly what kind of account it is and find out for you if this is just a spam bot account or some sort of content provider account?



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Re: Surely this is a bot?

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Thanks.  Another user is following me now.  Their username is owebinliebriunhton


If you browse through their 3,000+ followers, you'll see most have DB in the name.  Like my name.


It appears to be driven by a machine.  A Spotify user data harvester of some sort.


I think a direct way to combat this creepy issue is to implement a block mechanism.  I'm on the Linux Preview and I haven't got that option.

Re: Surely this is a bot?



Yes, I have the exact same problem. I have 3 of these followers, all of them with weird names written in capitals (NFGRFJFNY, OWEBINDINOWEUNIORUNI and PDRIEJOPPP). When you look them up, you can see that they have no profile pics nor playlists but they follow a lot (over 1K) of artists and people, in this case ALL of them have CH in their names (like mine). So there seems to be many of these bot accounts following users automatically based on combinations of letters. I hope Spotify could have a look at this issue and give us the possibility to report/block them, since their purpose can be no good. For now, there is a "report" button if you right-click someone, but it is greyed out.