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Hey Spotify + users,


I wanted to say that I love the playlist Weekend Hangouts (by Spotify)--there are some amazing tracks on there. Except for one: in light of recent developments, that I assume we all know about, I request kindly that you remove the track Walking with Elephants by Ten Walls from the playlist. My friends love the entire playlist, but everyone is very aware when the song comes up, and because of personal and moral reasons, most of them hate sponsoring a homophobic artist by simply (accidentally) listening to him on Spotify.

So again: would you please remove this particular track from the playlist, or otherwise come up with another solution so I (and many others) won't accidentally play this track anymore? Thanks!

Love, Vincent.

PS as a reminder or if you've not been following it, here is the link to an article about the whole situation:

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Here is what you can do in the meantime, just select all the tracks in that playlist except that one track you do not want to hear, and drag and drop and put them all in a personal playlist of your own, and you can share the altered playlist with those who share your views.


Just a general FYI, Spotify does not police and/or censor artists no matter what stupid silly thing they say. It is called freedom speech for a reason, even if that speech might offend and/or be offensive to others hearing it. Users have the option to copy playlists with the tracks they wish to hear and avoid the tracks they do not wish to hear it is that simple.




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