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The Spotify Team not solves wrong content

The Spotify Team not solves wrong content










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On several occasions I have reported errors in the content of tracks or albums and they have not been resolved.
Such errors are not unique to Spotify. I have been able to verify that they correspond exactly the same in Apple Music, Amazon Music, Qbuz, Tidal, etc. Which makes me suspect that the error comes from a common provider to all these platforms, and it is not in your hands to solve it. You would have to try to do it directly to that provider and none of the aforementioned platforms bother to take that step.
I give as an example of what I comment on the error of these two albums presented as different when in reality it is the same. You will see that the same error occurs on any of the other streaming music platforms.
It seems useless to try to solve such problem through Spotify support team.


Theese are the albums:


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Hi there! Welcome to our community! It's possible that the error you're mentioning is related to music content aggregators that share information between different streaming platforms. Often, these platforms rely on these aggregators to obtain information and metadata about songs, such as artist name, song title, release year, among other details.


If there's an error in the source of this information, it may be difficult for streaming platforms to correct the issue on their own. In this case, it would be necessary to directly contact the aggregator for this information and request a correction.


Additionally, it's important to mention that different music publishers can obtain distribution rights for the same song or album. In these cases, there may be different ISRCs (International Standard Recording Code) for the same song or album, which can lead to different album covers and publishers on different streaming platforms.

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