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Two artists one name

Two artists one name

I was listening to The Scene, hadnt done that in a while, but had to commemorate the legacy of Thé Lau.

this is the first time i listened to the scene on spotify. all was fine, until the style changed, i knew they didnt exclusively sing in dutch, but something didnt feel right.

so i checked if this album Anthem Alive was even theirs, thank you wikipedia. turns out There is another band called the scene, they are from sacramento. dont know if thats the same as Selena Gomez' the scene. then i remembered that the people on the photo didnt seem familiar at all, but they looked young and the band changed its members a lot in the first years.

Well i would just like to ask spotify to seperate these two bands. though that other band isnt bad i dont want to hear them when i try to listen to the masters of dutch-lyric rock.

i hope this finds its way to the place that can fix this. cause i couldnt find it in the help sections.


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Likewise my track,


I am "Shay D."


but it has made me shayd which is another older artist

Hey @martgvd @shayd the best thing to do is fill in this form to report broken metadata


We can't promise a timeline for the fix but it will be reported to the right team, thanks!

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