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Unavailable songs

Unavailable songs

Why is it that i have songs saved to a playlist and then they are suddenly listed as unavailable?

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Hello there.


Thanks for your input.


It is true, that some songs on playlist recently available can jump in moment to unavailable. It is so uncool! Unfortunately most of time reason for this is simple: record label is changing distributor. Like in Scandinavia Munix Records changed from own releases to DJ Beat Records here few years ago. Then DJ Beat Records made these unavailable tracks available again. Sometimes artist or label choose not to release track anymore in your contry. They might change their mind soon. Also it is possible that track is taken down due to problems like bad sound or metadata. Way or another, Spotify will never remove track at their own, this is always requested by right holders. You can add this track as local, if you have it, to your Spotify.


Have a nice day.


Kind regardz,

Jyrziu xd

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