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Viewing information on greyed out tracks

Viewing information on greyed out tracks

Whilst I appreciate songs on Spotify disappear every now and again and appear greyed out owing to licensing etc, I have since noticed a new issue.

It used to be that if a song was greyed out you could still see what it was by viewing the 'credits' tab and seeing the artist and album information. I now have a number of tracks displayed as 'Various Artists' on playlists and no other information to assist me in identifying the track that has been removed. 

I have spent years amassing an amazing catalogue and if Spotify doesn't have it, it would at least be nice to know what it was so I can look to get elsewhere.

Please help!
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I understand your frustration with not being able to identify greyed out songs on Spotify. It sounds like the "credits" tab is no longer displaying the artist and album information for these tracks.

Unfortunately, this is likely a result of the song being removed from Spotify's library due to licensing issues, and the information is no longer available. Spotify may not have any control over the availability of certain songs in its library, as it relies on agreements with music rights holders.

If you would like to identify a greyed out song, here are a few options you could try:

  • You can use a music identification app, such as Shazam or SoundHound, to identify the song by listening to it.
  • You can try searching for lyrics from the song on a search engine, which may lead you to the artist and album information.
  • You can try searching for the song on other music streaming platforms, such as Apple Music or YouTube Music, and see if the track is available there.

It's worth noting that many times these songs are removed due to copyright issues, some of them are not available on other platforms or only on certain countries. I hope these suggestions can help you to identify the greyed out songs on your playlists.


On another note, here are some playlists you may be interested in listening to:

Am I missing something here? Have you suggested playing the song, that I can't play, to identify it?! I cannot play the song, that is the whole point nor can I see any information about it!

  • Yeah, thats one useless response coupled with shameless advertising without any follow up on the response. Amazing support.

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