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WAV local files not downloading on app

WAV local files not downloading on app


laptop, samsung galazy A20e

Operating System

Windows 10, android


My Question or Issue

I have made a few songs that I wanted to put on my phone through the use of local files, but they are not downloading. the weird part is that SOME local files are downloading, but not all. Does spotify support WAV in transferring local files over WiFi?

4 Replies

I tried exporting the songs using mp3, which is the format the local files use that do get downloaded to my phone, no luck

The plot thickens, I found that my phone does download them, but does not make them available within the playlist


BUT, of course there's an exception to this, one of the songs does become available in my playlist


what the **bleep** is going on



I managed to get it all to work, but fix this, i should not have to spend this much effort because of file naming and file types (especially when only changing the extension fixes it, there is absolutely no reason i cannot download a .wav file but can download a .mp3 file when the actual data contained is exactly the same)

Thank you helped mich. 

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