What is the radio function on Spotify currently like?


What is the radio function on Spotify currently like?

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Hi guys, so last time I used Spotify, they removed basically 50 percent of their functions (such as minimise to the little icon taskbar area, app things were gone, and adds were slightly more intrusive). But what really got to me the MOST was that the Spotify radio felt so limited, I remember making a radio of "All Star by Smash Mouth", and the radio played about 4 songs by smash mouth, 2 random songs, and then I got the "all star" song again.


Now I will admit, Smash mouth defintiely is similar to other songs on smash mouth but I really wanted some variety and be able to listen to new different and varying songs.

Unfortuantely at the time I ended up having to move to Pandora as I felt their Radio to better suited my needs, but was wondering if Spotify was worth going back to? Since my Pandora license payment thing is ending I have the choice of either.


I'd love to hear how you felt the radio was like currently? (And by extension whether its worth going back to Spotify).


(Inb4 test it yourself, I CAN test it myself but usually you can't get a feel of how a radio station is like without listening to it for a few weeks and I kind of want to choose whcih to pay for as soon as I can)