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What's With The Spotify Logo On User Playlists?

What's With The Spotify Logo On User Playlists?

I have a question for all Spotify customers/users.

Have ya'll had Spotify put their logo on your playlists? If not, do you know why they are doing this, with some users' playlists?

This is similar to them putting their logo on their own. It also looks like Spotify may have put professionally made cover art, on it. Any information that you have would be appreciated.

Here's the playlist that I saw with it.

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How popular is the playlist?

It could be related to that as it makes the playlist easier to promo? Not 100% sure though.

Promo? What do you mean? I'm not sure how popular it is; I can't see the followers. It must have been made secret, or never was made public. I found it, through the community. Even if it is popular, I have never seen anything about Spotify doing this. I have already contacted the owner of this playlist, and am waiting on a response. My next step is to contact Spotify, through chat.

If you have any information on this case, write to me, here. You need not give your name.

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Hey @MadmanOnWheels


Spotify doesn't put logos on user playlist. In fact, users should not use Spotify logos on their playlist cover arts because company logos are intellectual property. This article has more information. 🙂


Hope this helps, have a nice day!

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Hey, Sebasty


Right, I understand that, which is why I thought something might have changed, pertaining to my idea of Spotify endorsing (liking them enough to promote) user's playlists, when I saw this playlist. I had brought up the idea, through chat support) of Spotify "sponsoring" (in the way that I put it) user's playlists, with their logo, not too long ago.

Someone had brought it to my attention that this user's cover art might have been copied from a Spotify made playlist, to be put on his or her own playlist. I searched for "2000s Winter Chill" on the application, but found no playlist that was made by Spotify, or any at all. So, that makes it confusing. I don't know if Spotify once had a playlist that was named that, with that cover art, snd deleted it or changed it. Also, this user must not have his public, and only available through the community (which is where I found it and contacted the user about it). I was hoping to know more about it. I thought if Spotify actually did endorse it, that would give me something to bring to Spotify to help expand on my idea.


Right now, it's still a mystery. Thanks for the input, though.

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