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Where are podcasts?

Where are podcasts?

Recently Spotify was released in Kazakhstan, and we bought Premium right away. However then I found out that there were no podcast section at all. 3 weeks later it is still an issue.

One of the reasons I used Spotify app is podcasts, so will it appear or should I ask for refund?


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I'am not working for Spotify or anything but maybe what I think is right so, I thought I share it with you maybe it helps. Spotify shows Podcasts that are in your Country / Language maybe you can't see the podcasts because there are no podcasts in your country / language what kinda makes sense because Spotify launched in Kazakhstan a month ago. Could you google an English podcast, find the name out and search it in Spotify and tell me if you can listen / see it?

Hope I could help 😉

If you search for a podcast, there should be an option to “see all podcasts”


I know its been a while. But the podcasts are still not available since I am registered in Kazakhstan I guess. I really wanted to find podcasts and I cant even one of the most popular ones like the Joe Rogan. So if you know workarounds I would be glad to hear.

Hi there folks,


Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community and for your patience. We just came across this thread.


We can confirm that podcasts isn't available in Kazakhstan at the moment and for now we can't say when or if  it'll be. 


We suggest that you always have your app up to date. You can also have a look from time to time in our newsroom.


We hope that this cleared some things up. Let us know if we can help you with anything else 🙂

Have a great Friday and start of your weekend!

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HI there. Any updates on when podcasts will be available in Kazakhstan? Thanks 

Hi there @ASidorov,


Thanks for your post.


Please refer to the post from @Jeremy for more info on the matter.


Take care!

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how much more do we need to write about it?

how much time we should wait?
all users in Kazakhstan paying for premium like others, and still we have no podcasts available!
please, do something with it!

Guys, how on earth should I listen to Howard Stern or Joe Rohan if the only platform they upload to is Spotify and you don’t give us an access to podcast functionality at all? And as a cruel joke I as a matter of fact, can see all the uploads in my podcasts list. I just can’t play them. What a tease. 


What’s the issue here? Copyright? Not likely, Russian Spotify had the same issue and it got resolved rather quickly. Distribution rights are the same and most popular podcasts are owned by you. Shouldn’t it be a matter of flicking the switch on your side?


How much longer do we have to suffer working with iOS default app? Seriously, guys. 

Hello there! So 2023 came in. Can you tell us, when your company going to start podcast section in Kazakhstan, for yours understanding, in Kazakhstan we paying for the premium by American prices I guess, because we forced to pay in bucks. In Russian spoti, that almost cheaper, than Kazak’s premium. And for 3 years you didn’t launch podcasts for us. Are our market isn’t big enough or that? Give us explanations please!

Having that issue too! I used to be signed up to spotify Peru but they forced me to change to Kazakhstan when I moved here, and now I can't access any of the podcasts I signed up for and not even my own podcast!!! That's ridiculous and makes me feel that perhaps it's time to move to youtube music! 

I think it's time to spread about the problem outside of this forum. We need hashtag on social media to receive some attention on this. Enough to wait

I'm desperate too. I tried to open account of Spotify using VPN, although I have premium one in Kazakhstan. Just want to listen to Joe Rogan. VPN didn't help though. Don't have hope other than to open foreign account. DM for collaboration in telegram @tuna_sand

No podcasts in Kazakhstan. Move to Apple music will be a great solution!

soooo i guess after all this time no podcasts in Kazakhstan. can we at least pay less for ur premium???? do something already with the problem 

I used to pay for a premium account for a year or so, but now I've just switched to a free version, I'm tired of waiting for you to launch podcasts in Kazakhstan. JR IS LITERALLY DEAD IN KAZAKHSTAN. 

Hi everybody!

Please vote for the idea below. That's about adding podcasts in Kazakhstan

it is insane to think that a billion dollar company can't manage to keep a consistent functionality between desktop and mobile apps, can't bring podcasts and canvases to dozens of regions including Kazakhstan without any reason whatsoever, but at the same time making an almost weekly design update which makes app even worse and adds features nobody asked for like TikTok-like feed for 'ExPLoRinG YoUr GeNReS'. not mentioning the absurdly high price for Spotify subscription in Kazakhstan comparing to Apple Music (1200 KZT and 600 KZT respectfully). unfortunately, this is the only platform artists care about, otherwise i would be gone already

Any updates?

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