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Who Makes the Playlists?

Who Makes the Playlists?

Out of curiosity, I was looking/playing some of the "Punk" playlists and I'm kind of amazed at how bad they are. For example, on the "Legends of Punk" playlist, you wouldn't expect Deftones, Thursday, Used, and Yellow Card. I'm expecting bands like The Stooges, Ramones, Exploited, Sex Pistols, Black Flag...



2 Replies

Hey @tgwill! Welcome to the community ^^


These playlists are created by Spotify. 

The thing is everyone got his own opinion of good music. ^^

They can't provide that everyone like the playlists.

I know this problem too. This is why i created my own playlists. ^^



It's been 7 years but it's gotten better. There is no "Legends of Punk" playlist anymore, but there is a "Classic Punk" playlist. They have songs from all the bands you mentioned except for Exploited (2 each from The Stooges & Ramones, 3 from **bleep** Pistols & Black Flag) and none from the bands you'd seen in the old playlist.

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